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Avoid the spike in energy prices - making your home energy efficient

As we have seen the prices with energy continue to increase, hitting many homes and causing hardship for many.

The increase in energy has been one of the main factors contributing to the cost of living increasing in the UK. Energy prices are causing many to struggle and make ends meet.


Reducing your energy consumption and making your home as energy efficient as possible should be a priority for those looking to cut their costs.

Energy efficient homes can save over £3000 per year on your bills whilst also helping to save the planet.

Best tips to optimise your home's efficiency

  • Insulation

  • Smart home

  • Renewable energy - prosuma

Extra insulation will make your home more efficient

Insulate to compensate for less heating; adding extra insulation to your home allows you to use less heating during colder months. This small change can help to keep you warm in winter without suffering from astronomical energy bills, especially if you live in a draughty, older property.

There are a wide range of materials available for insulation from Rock wall to eco insulation of various types.

Building regulations require residential properties have a certain amount of insulation, usually in the loft and walls, but there are other things you can do to add extra insulation to your home. A lot of heat can escape your property through the windows. Swapping your single-glazed or sheet-glass windows for double-glazed can make a huge difference in keeping your home warm.

You will also want to make sure any draughty spots around your windows are patched up and filled in. Other cheap ways to insulate your home include buying draft excluders for your doors and swapping your curtains or blinds for thicker, more insulating alternatives.

Bleeding your radiators regularly makes sure they are running efficiently. By letting your radiators pump heat into your home as efficiently as possible, and then having plenty of insulation to prevent the heat from escaping outside, you can really cut back on your energy consumption and bills.

Adopt smart technology to save

Making your home smart, ensures that you can optimise your use of energy, providing heat and comfort when you are at home and switching off these systems the minute you leave home or even before based on your common routine.

smart watch

SMART homes have systems in place to monitor, record, and control energy usage. By monitoring and controlling your energy with SMART home features, you can make informed decisions to help cut back on your energy consumption.

The most common SMART home system you will generally find is a SMART meter, which measures your gas and electric. These meters keep track of the energy you use in live time, which means they can alert you when you begin overspending.

You can also get SMART systems that allow you to remotely control your home energy sources, like lighting and heating. Using app technology, SMART systems like Google Nest allow to turn your radiators or lights on/off when you’re out of the house. This can help reduce your energy consumption by giving you more freedom to only use energy as-and-when you need it.


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