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Our handyman and building services rates

If you need the services of a handyman, the last think you'll need is a complicated or confusing quote

Our Rates

Our minimum charge would be based on 1 hour, so we always advise customers to consider other tasks that need attention, to make best use of this time and get even better value for money.

Standard hours (08:00 - 17:30 Mon to Fri)

  • Handyman - £55 for the first hour (¼ hour blocks thereafter

  • Plumbing - £60 for the first hour (¼ hour blocks thereafter)

  • Electrical work - £60 for the first hour (¼ hour blocks thereafter

Out of Hours Cover (17:30 - 0800 Mon to Fri / Sat + Sun All hours)

  • Handyman  -  £85 for the first hour (¼ hour blocks thereafter

  • Plumbing  -  £95 for the first hour (¼ hour blocks thereafter)

  • Electrical work  -  £110 for the first hour (¼  hour blocks thereafter) 

If you would like an idea of how long your work is likely to take, please ask, we do however not offer any service of in person Free quotation and if you need us to attend our standard charge above would apply. For most jobs we can assess the work using photographs or video sent via email or Business WhatsApp (01273 950052)

Materials supplied are charged in addition to labour

Rates are subject to VAT 

We carry some standard consumable items with us such as screws, standard faceplates and sockets, rawlplugs, standard cables and sandpaper etc.

When there is a specific material that needs to be sourced for a job, the preference is that we would supply these, ensuring the correct item is purchased and that it is available for subsequent attendance.

Where we supply these, we will invoice them at cost price plus 20% and will cover the normal guarantees of the Consumer Rights Act 2015. If you would like to supply materials please let us know and advise us in good time should there be any delay in obtaining these before a booked appointment. 

We cannot provide a guide price for every type of task or project, for larger projects or whole room projects such as bathroom or kitchen refurbishment we would provide you with a quote after survey.


Day Rate (7 hr)

Please note that our day rate is currently set at £285 for seven hours (One Handyman) and you won't be charged anymore for a general call out when the hourly cost exceeds this sum up to 7 hours. If your project requires a labourer in addition to a multi-skilled handyman, the additional charge is £220 
Parking: We do not charge or recharge parking costs within Brighton and Hove, outside of this geographical area we would ask that a permit be provided to us where street restrictions apply.
If no access is available to the handyman for a booked and confirmed job within the arrival window, a nominal "Missed Appointment" fee may be applied to cover fuel costs and time.
Licensed waste carriage - Our handymen do not carry waste and we are not licensed to do so, however we provide waste carriage via a licensed third party who we work closely with. The charge for waste removal is dependant upon the waste category but the price is usually highly competitive and the service excellent. Please advise us at the earliest opportunity if you require waste removal in relation to our work.

Living Wage Logo

At Fixers, we take pride in being enrolled as a member of the Living Wage Foundation.

This means that we believe in paying our workers fairly for their hard work and dedication. We are committed to supporting our employees, and we believe that by paying a living wage, we can help to create a more sustainable future for everyone.

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Work Guaranteed

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